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AVAMIGRATRON makes your SharePoint migration projects easier. Migrate all the content in the environment or perform custom/selective migration of your content based on your business needs.

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Supported sources & Targets for SharePoint migration

2016 SP 1
2013 SP 1
2010 SP 1
2007 SP 1 1

What is migrated?

  • Site Collections
    • Sites & Subsites
    • Lists
    • Document Libraries
    • Page Libraries
    • Alerts
  • Permission levels Migration
  • People and groups Migration
  • Permissions Migration
  • Term Store Migration
  • Custom webparts, Workflows and InfoPath forms customization

Our Migration Capabilities


Quickly run an analysis and get a detailed inventory of the Source environment including the number of sites, size of the sites, when the sites were created, details on custom features like custom web parts, InfoPath forms, Workflows, alerts, and how actively the sites were used.

With the inventory assessment, you’ll get details on

  • Users
  • Permission levels
  • People and groups
  • Number of Site collection & Subsites under each site collection
    • Number of Lists
    • Number of Document Libraries
    • Number of Page Libraries & Pages
    • Number of Custom webparts
    • Number of Workflows
    • Number of InfoPath forms
    • Number of Alerts
    • Term Store details
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usermapping vector

User Mapping

The users from existing SharePoint (Online/ On-Premise) are mapped with the corresponding user accounts created in target Microsoft 365 to ensure that the Permissions and created/modified details of the items are retained.


AVAMIGRATRON enables you to perform custom/selective migration based on your business needs without compromising your data security. It enables the user to perform seamless migration from SharePoint Online/On-Premise to Microsoft 365.

During the migration, AVAMIGRATRON will not stop the users from using SharePoint Environment. The data growth in the period of migration will be covered in the delta migration

Sharepoint 1
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Maintain site security and manage data sharing. By using AVAMIGRATRON, retain all the levels of permission including Site level permissions, List/Library level permissions, and Item level permissions.

  • Site Level permissions
  • List/Library Level permissions
  • Item level permissions


AVAMIGRATRON logs every success, warning, and error that occurs during migration. Analyze your migration status with AVAMIGRATRON’s audit and reports. Make your migration project a complete success with our audit and reports. Export the overall migrated status report and use it for further analysis.

3081623 1


Recreation of custom webparts, workflows and InfoPath forms in Microsoft 365 using latest features.

Key Features

Why AVAMIGRATRON for SharePoint to SharePoint Migration?

  • Easy-to-use migration tool features
  • Detailed inventory assessment of your environment.
  • Recreation of custom web parts, workflows, and InfoPath forms in Microsoft 365 using the latest features.
  • Option to choose the Modern or Classic site experience
  • Flexibility to choose either Team or Communication site template
  • Migrate the content to a new site or to an existing site.
why slack to team migration


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