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Enhance your workforce productivity, agility, and collaboration by migrating your workspace to Microsoft 365. Our team offers advanced customizations in Microsoft products to create a like-for-like approach to attain unified collaborative tools for all your workday needs. Let’s sail through your enterprise digital transformation effortlessly by leveraging AVAMIGRATRON!

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With our intuitive dashboard and easy configurations, you can easily migrate content from source to Microsoft products without any hassles.

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Our team understands that you need the support of a technical expert while migrating your enterprise data. We’re available over emails, calls, self-service portals, and chats.

Streamlined migration approach

Over the years, we have crafted a unique migration approach with knowledge-sharing sessions and assistance in cutting over the legacy workspace.


Our Migration experts step forward to create a customized workspace based on your enterprise needs with third-party integrations and add-ons.


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What is inventory?

It is the summary of all the data, information, files, attachments, and the content present in the Slack workspace.

How does the channel migration work?

Direct migration – The teams and channels are created in the Teams using the name of the source channel and content will be migrated inside it. Custom migration – We can migrate the channel by mapping it either with the existing target Teams or with its channel. while mapping only with Teams, the channel is created in the source-channel name and migrated. while mapping with the Teams channel, the content is directly migrated under the mapped channel only.

How does Direct and multiparty migration work?

The Direct and Multiparty migration is done only by mapping the existing teams chat with slack chat.Based on the client requirement we can migrate the chats in the following sequence Direct message to Direct chat Multiparty message to Group chat Direct message to Group chat (When we go for service account migration)

Can the Slack bot-message also be migrated?

Not exactly. As both the environments are different, there are no proper responses received and some Bots available in Slack aren’t present in MS Teams. But any bot-message with user-posted replies will be migrated with static content to provide users with the almost same look and feel.

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