Retaining the exact message history after migrating from Slack to Teams with Import API approach!


Our client has a new transportation option for travel that offers passengers across countries with rail service discounts. The rail service connects passengers with education centers, jobs, retail hubs and housing along the way. They have a digitally managed service program, but they want to develop program support in a SharePoint environment. For providing all the members with regular updates, tracking the old user’s messages to maintain the history, and providing emergency support, they wanted to migrate from Slack to Teams.



The client wanted to move the entire member’s history along with timestamps to migrate from Slack to Teams.

While migrating messages from Slack to Teams, they did not want to lose the user’s name in Teams too after migration.

On the whole, they wanted a like-a-like migration.

Since they had a huge database for the conversation history of their customers, they did not want to face any throttles during migration and wanted a quicker migration.

To maintain the inventory as such and to deter any issues in the business process, they also needed the Source message posted time for their references.



Since the client wanted to move the entire Slack messages to Teams with a quick and like a like migration, we used the new Import API approach for migration.

This approach reduced throttling and thus fulfilled our client’s needs.

We worked on this approach and retained the actual source message posted time along with the message posted user’s names.

We assured them of minimal throttles and faster migration.




SQL Server



The client was able to get all the data in Microsoft Teams.

There were minimal throttling and it helped the client to maintain the business processes.

The client had the timestamps, message poster, usernames, emojis, files and everything they wanted from their Slack inventory moved to Teams successfully.

Our Slack to Teams migration experts worked relentlessly to make the migration process faster and delivered the project as promised.