Successful Privation Community Migration by AVAMIGRATRON

Industry : Applicable to All

Country : USA & UK


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Community is a main collaboration feature of IBM Connections. IBM connections supports two types of communities Public & Private community respectively. As the name depicts, public communities are open and can be viewed by anyone within the organization whereas the private communities are accessible only to the specific community members. When we migrate IBM Connections to Office 365 or G Suite, we possess the capability to diverge into many tools if needed.

AVAMIGRATRON in its given state was not open to deal with the private communities that are restricted, making it "NOT" the choice of executing something that is restricted. However, it has been experienced that for most of the customers, almost 50 % of their content resides in private communities and the corporates approach with the idea of shifting these private communities into the targeted environment. Having said that, the private community must be a part of the inventory queued up to be migrated.



The present stage of the tool allows it to deal with opening the private communities and ensuring a smooth migration to the destination. The tool ensures that all contents captured in the inventory will get migrated successfully to the target location. It does most of the base migration and manual migration left if any totals to a mere 1 percentage work. This revolutionary move helped content migration from IBM Connections on-Prem to SharePoint on-Prem/online for many of the company's financial and banking customers.

When it comes to IBM Connections online/cloud, the R&D team could identify a suitable API from IBM Connections that would help in migrating the restricted communities in a way like that of the public community.

"Enterprise Content is built using Public and restricted communities in IBM connection. A successful migration tool ensures movement of restricted communities also. Talk to us and find out how we move 1000's of restricted communities."