Migration of content from Classic to Modern Sites

Industry: Applicable to All

Country : USA & UK


The global foodservice business experts engaged into packaging drink and food and ensuring customer satisfaction to be pleasant, safe and consistent.



The client requirement was migration of content to the modern view. It needs to be realized that in scenarios of this sort, it is not where the tool alone experiences growth. With it, the target environment and the enterprise content manager vendor constantly come with varied features and enhancements. The tool must be elevated constantly enhanced to seamlessly counter the latest business challenges and needs.

One such feature of the tool is the migration to modern communication or team site template based on client requirements. Formerly, for old customers, modern sites were not listed in their "to-be-done" list. But, since after Microsoft released modern sites, the customers too were given the choice to choose the same. To execute this shift, migration to modern sites had to be included as an additional feature of our tool, AVAMIGRATRON.



AVASOFT migration team enhanced the tool to migrate content to modern communication site or team site in an unmatched challenging time of just fifteen days to be in line with Office 365 updates.

The tool was fully upgraded within a month's time and the team were responsible for successful modern sites migration for two to three clients in that short span.

"When we post this blog, we would experience a stage where most of the customers would have started using modern sites and within this three-month span of a modern site migration, our tool has undergone solid upgradation to the point from where it can handle the process without interruption."