Lotus Notes to SharePoint Online Migration

Industry: Applicable to All

Country: USA


AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with 2014 sales of $4.0 billion. AMETEK has over 15,000 colleagues at more than 120 manufacturing locations around the world. Supporting those operations are more than 100 sales and service locations across the United States and in 30 other countries around the world



The client was paying a high cost for the Lotus notes license. As Lotus Notes is not a web-based application and do not have the mobile ability created a restriction in managing the business in an efficient way. Due to the above factors, management decided to move all the Lotus notes application to Online SharePoint modern site.

They were using approximately 50+ Lotus Notes applications, out of which 14 were custom application and the remaining were OOTB applications each having a separate Database which need to be migrated to Online SharePoint modern site which includes metadata, embedded documents, embedded images, attachments, and Rich Text Content.



AVASOFT proposed to migrate from existing Lotus Notes to Microsoft Online SharePoint Modern Site

  • Clearly planned the migration keeping in mind about designing of new components with enterprise architecture in mind.
  • Initially as requested by the client, we used other tool provided by the client for migration. As the desired result could not be achieved in the migration activity, explained the issues and challenges to the client who agreed to use AVASOFT tool was used for data and forms migration from Lotus Notes to Online SharePoint Modern Site which made the migration faster and simpler.
  • Migrated the all the OOTB application to Online SharePoint modern site as document library with all the MetaData properties, embedded information (Document, images, etc.), Rich Text Documents with all the images and links along with views.
  • Migrated 14 custom applications created by the client to the target system as a single list. Through remediation activity, we created it as a single application with different categories and the data pick will be based on the application category selected by the user.
  • Tested the portal for design, layout, and data in comparison with the Lotus Notes application

"Migration to Online SharePoint Modern Site was successfully completed without any major issue. AMETEK was one of the first very few clients at that time to migrate to Modern Site. On-time deployment cut-down additional costs (like license upgrade charges) and No data loss due to incompatible file types. Migration with tools made things work faster and error-free and Combining multiple apps into a single app by using some additional features helped the customer to manage the application in an efficient way."